Louie Chen

Louie is an accomplished town planning and property specialist with 9 years of experience.

Having started his career in the property industry working in project marketing and sales, and through the years has been able to combine the property knowledge to his career as a town planner with substantial experience in both the private and public sector as a senior town planner as well as working at state government on victorian planning reform and project management.

Louie specialises in all stages of the planning permit process, and has vast experience advocating at VCAT, in addition to having worked on and assessed a wide variety of applications including apartments, mixed-use buildings, commercial and industrial applications and large lot subdivisions. Louie’s focus is on providing expert advice and knowledge of the planning system and policy interpretation, which allows him to negotiate and work with both clients and councils to achieve win-win outcomes and high quality development outcomes. Louie enjoys working with clients of all walks of life and treats all clients with the same respect and same consistent work output to achieve the clients needs.

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