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What is a town planning report?

In the town planning process, a town planning report is an essential document. The feasibility of your town planning proposal will be supported by a land feasibility report. It is this document that will have to persuade your local council and any prospective objections that your development complies with all applicable laws and regulations. This study will evaluate your project proposal considering the planning scheme’s policies, strategies, and provisions. Our town planning report services in Melbourne will also offer an outline of its features and help to establish why development is acceptable for a particular location. The following will be included in our town reports:

  • Photographs
  • High-quality maps
  • Plans
  • Graphics
  • Any other illustrations
  • A review of the Municipal Strategic Statement by Council.
  • An evaluation of the site about the zones and overlays that impact it.
  • For residential projects, an evaluation against Recode (Clause 54 or 55) is required and Clause 54 report and clause 55 report will then be made accordingly.

Planning Report Advice for Industrial Development

Town planning is required for a wide range of projects. For example, new homes and alterations to existing ones; multi-unit dwellings developments like apartments or townhouses – it’s all in there! Apartment complexes can also include commercial spaces such as restaurants (which will require separate council approval), offices/shops onsite too so make sure you get this done before getting started with your plans because the last thing anyone wants after spending lots of time building something great is then having someone come along afterwards who tells them they cannot do anything with what was already accomplished. As a result, we provide our expertise in planning report advice for industrial development as well.

ETW has the experience and expertise to help you create successful town planning applications. We are well-placed to provide a holistic range of services, including land surveying, that will ensure your application is strong from start – finish.

ETW Town Planning is an established consultant with many years of experience in land surveying and town planning work. With this knowledge, we can provide a clear understanding for any council who needs our services – whether they be large or small; urban or rural

We understand that every project will have its unique requirements which make it worth consulting a reputable firm such as ours. Call us today to make an appointment for town planning report writing services and urban context report.

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